Many people have already faced financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, and low-income families already unable to budget for unexpected expenses are being hit the hardest.

The providers of emergency financial support and assistance are at the frontline of responding to Covid19, and we know that many new challenges are arising with each passing day. To ensure we are supporting voluntary and community organisations, as well as their service users as effectively as possible, the Coordinated Community Support Programme is:

  • Collecting the experiences and challenges faced by organisations providing emergency financial support during this Covid-19 pandemic, and feeding this back to key decision makers in local and national government. If you would like to share your experiences, please use this form
  • Providing up-to-date information packs and briefings for community organisations in our pilot sites and across the UK
  • Map what provisions and funding are available during the Covid-19 outbreak and what changes it has had on resources available to the crisis support sector
  • Work with local authorities and community and voluntary organisations in the four pilot sites and across the UK to ensure they are able to effectively provide the vital support to those facing financial crisis, and to ensure all those who need support can access it

You can read our briefings on on the issues affecting emergency support providers and service users during Covid-19 evidence here: